August 2001 News

Jihadi outfits in Kashmir are united: Lashkar chief

5 August 2001
The News International

KARACHI: An Afghanistan-like situation in Kashmir will not emerge after successful conclusion of Jihad as all Jihadi organisations are united and free from Western influence. Chief of Lashkar-e-Taiba Prof Hafiz Muhammad Saeed said this at a gathering of retired and serving judges, military generals, senior officials and lawyers at a local hotel the other day.Regarding the situation after completion of Jihad in Afghanistan, Hafiz Saeed said it was created by some groups of second-class leadership of the country''s political parties who were on the US and European countries'' payrolls. ''Freedom fighters of held Kashmir are united and getting no grants-in-aid and that is why there is no chance of any anarchy after the outcome of Jihad,'' he maintained.Asked whether there was any religious standing of the struggle of Mujahideen in the presence of Pakistan military, he said Pak forces were defenders while Mujahideen were offenders and there was no room of any objection on the latter''s struggle.Those Muslims who got education in Western academic institutions were brainwashed and thus were unable to understand the importance of the religious obligation, Jihad, and raised various objections, the Laskhar chief held.He said the US, European and other countries had supported Mujahideen in Afghanistan during their war against the Soviet Union but now the same countries were condemning freedom fighters of Kashmir and portraying them as extremists and terrorists.He said the West termed Jihad as terrorism while it was the right of the suppressed people, aimed at eliminating unjust system and restoration of peace. Hafiz Saeed said Jihad in the Indian occupied Kashmir achieved a record acceleration after Kargil operation; it were the repeated attacks of Mujahideen that concerned the US and it forced India to invite Pakistan for negotiations.


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