August 2001 News

Advani faces flak over Doda killings

6 August 2001
The Times of India

New Delhi: An agitated Opposition in the Lok Sabha on Monday demanded home minister Advani''s resignation over successive massacres by militants in Jammu and Kashmir. ''He does not deserve to continue as home minister,'' Congress chief whip P R Das Munshi said, reacting to Friday''s killings of innocent people in Doda. ''This was the third incident since the Agra summit,'' he remarked, questioning the home ministry''s handling of the situation in the trouble-torn state. He accused the government of making ''casual'' statements while the Pakistani-backed terrorists struck at will. Making a personal attack against Advani, the Congress member said that the home minister was both ''incapable and inefficient.'' He asked, ''How can he protect the entire country if he cannot protect a district?'' CPM member Somnath Chatterjee said that instead of taking pre-emptive steps, the government only reacted to a situation. ''Let them save the country by going out of power,'' he remarked. He accused the home minister of abjuring his responsibility towards the people. BJP member Madanlal Khurana said though more than 100 people had been killed in Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistani president Musharraf still dubbed the terrorist activity as a ''freedom struggle.'' Denouncing cross-border terrorism, he said that freedom-fighters nowhere targeted innocent people. There were demands from the BJP benches that the entire state be handed over to the Army. S C Shukla (Congress) claimed that the government had withdrawn 20,000 troops from Jammu and Kashmir recently.


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