August 2001 News

Mastermind of Doda masscare gunned down

6 August 2001
The Asian Age

Jammu: Police said on Tuesday they had killed a district commander of Pakistan-based militant group who they said was the mastermind behind a recent massacre of Hindu villagers in troubled Kashmir. Abu Ghulam, a commander of the Lashkar-e-Taiba group and a Pakistan national, was killed in a clash with police on Monday night near Atholi village, a senior police official told Reuters. ''Documents recovered from him confirmed he was the mastermind behind the killing of innocent Hindu villagers in Doda district in the last one month,'' the official said. Militants abducted 20 Hindu villagers from Atholi village over the weekend and shot 17 of them dead. Two weeks ago, 15 Hindu villagers in the district were killed after they were dragged out of their homes into a field and shot. Officials in Jammu had suspected the Lashkar-e-Taiba was behind both incidents, but the militant group denied any involvement in the Atholi killings and called on international human rights groups to investigate.


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