August 2001 News

Greater autonomy to J-K only solution

17 August 2001
The Times of India
Ramu Bhagwat

Nagpur: Giving greater autonomy to Jammu and Kashmir is the only solution to solve the vexed problem, according to Communist Party of India general secretary A B Bardhan. ''We do not accept in toto the autonomy report presented by J&K. But instead of summarily rejecting it the Vajpayee government should have initiated serious discussion on it,'' the CPI leader remarked. Speaking at a meet the press programme of the local journalists union, Bardhan said autonomy would not only end the alienation of Kashmiri people but would also put an end to Pakistan''s interference on the issue. Terrorism in the guise of jehad could never be tolerated and it is the duty of Security forces to crush it, he added. Strongly criticising prime minister''s remarks on his Independence Day address, the CPI leader said the speech had nothing new on policy direction and was full of empty promises which could never be implemented. ''Even on the Indo-Pakistan relations, there was nothing new refelected in the speech,'' Bardhan said. ''The PM has announced some pro-poor and pro-people schemes, perhaps realising that all decisions that NDA has till now taken were anti- people, anti-poor and often anti-national.'' ''Vajpayee may be a nice person and a charismatic leader but the government that he heads has miserably failed on every front and it is now for the people to judge and throw it out. The economic growth has dropped, despite his assurance the PM has not taken any steps to check corruption even after serious allegations have been levelled against PMO and his family members,'' Bardhan remarked.


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