August 2001 News

Jobs for Pandits who return to Valley: Farooq

19 August 2001
The Pioneer

Jalandhar: Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah on Sunday accused people bent upon creating wedge between Hindus and Muslims in his State and asked Kashmiri Pandits to return to their ''homeland'' assuring government job to one ''suitable'' kith and kin of every migrated family. ''The government is ready to offer a job to one member of each migrated Kashmiri Pandit family, provided they return to their hometown,'' he said addressing a gathering here. Mr Abdullah said ''the endeavour of the government is to maintain brotherhood and foil nefarious designs of the enemies across the border''. ''The designs of the enemies to create a wedge between Hindus and Sikhs were foiled in Punjab,'' he said adding that ''now the same elements have been working on to create friction among Hindus and Muslims in J and K. The Chief Minister warned that if talks at all levels failed then the people of the State were ready to wage a ''do-or-die'' battle against the enemies. ''Only god knows when this problem will end,'' he said hoping the terrorism issue would be resolved as had been done in Punjab. Justifying the extension of Disturbed Area Act to Jammu region, Mr Abdullah said it was a must for the forces to enable them to curb militancy with an iorn hand. ''This power was not given to the forces to violate human rights,'' he added. Meanwhile, the Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister asked political parties to refrain from mixing religion with politics in the ensuing Assembly polls in Punjab. ''God does not require votes. Elections need to be contested on the lines of development'', Mr abdullah told the gathering at the function. He said religion should be placed where it should be, and added that the process of allegations and counter-allegations must be avoided by political parties. ''So far elections were contested to sow seeds of differences among one another'', he said.


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