September 2001 News

Hizb Chief for active OIC role in solving Kashmir dispute

2 September 2001
The Nation

ISLAMABAD : Deploring the biased behavior of United Nations towards the Kashmir dispute, Chairman United Jehad Council and Supreme Commander of Hizbul Mujahideen Syed Salahuddin has called upon the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) to play active role for the resolution of Kashmir issue in accordance with the wishes of Kashmiri people under UN resolutions. “The partial and criminal role of UN towards Kashmir dilemma is quite deplorable and United States is deliberately ignoring Indian intransigence on the issue,” he said in a penal interview with Online here on Sunday. The solution of Kashmir is possible through tripartite negotiations as bilateral efforts could not succeed in the past, he said adding that proposed summit level meeting in New York on the sidelines of UN general assembly session would not create any breakthrough on Kashmir. “I am not optimistic about the out come of the proposed encounter between President Pervez Musharraf and Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee,” he maintained. Agra Summit revealed that India has refused to accept the historical and actual stance on Kashmir. India will not understand the language of peace and is using delaying tactics to prolong the conflict. The only way to resolve the Kashmir issue is Jihad (holy war)  Commenting on the current situation of the armed struggle in the held valley the supreme commander of Hizbul Mujahideen said Mujahideen are carrying successful operations against Indian forces who are under constant psychological pressure. “Psychologically the Indian Army has lost the war, entire occupied Kashmir has been transformed in to a battle filed”, he told adding that Indian are deploying more 26 thousands commandos in the valley in the wake of augmented operations of Mujahideen. The arm struggle is gaining momentum and there is fear of nuclear out break in the region, as both Pakistan and India have no affective control on their nuclear capability. He urged the World community in particular United States to put pressure on India to give the people of Kashmir their just right of selfdetermination. He warned that India could go to any extent and feared that if big powers would not realized their responsibilities the South Asia could plunge in to a nuclear war. He condemned the killing of innocent people in Occupied Kashmir terming it the acts of Indian forces to malign the freedom struggle. “ Indian agencies are resorting to such activities on the directions of Indian leadership in order to divert the attention of Hawks on Prime Minister Vajpayee, who failed to represent their version in Agra summit. Responding to a query about Interior Minister Moin Haider remarks on crackdown on militant organization especially collection of funds for jihad he lamented, “ The Interior Minister and his subordinate departments should avoid adopting such policy against Jihadi outfits”. He appealed to the ulema, leaders of religious parties and organisations to help the government in combating sectarianism and create religiously harmony in the country. He said that these anti Pakistan activities are damaging the credibility of the country in the world. He hinted at establishing a base-camp in the Occupied Kashmir however, he added that at present there is no need of such as the freedom struggle is moving in the right direction.


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