September 2001 News

Anwar, Sikandar urge nation to create 1965 spirit

5 September 2001
The Nation

MUZAFFARABAD : AJK President Maj. General (R). Muhammad Anwar Khan and Prime Minister Sardar Sikandar Hayyat Khan have vehemently underlined the need to create the same spirit shown during the 1965 September war. The AJK President and Prime Minister expressed these views in their separate messages issued on the even of “Defence Day” of Pakistan here on Wednesday. The AJK President Major General Retd. Muhammad Anwar Khan said “The whole nation along with the Pakistan Army defeated the nefarious designs of the enemy while demonstrating the unity and the spirit for the supreme cause of the motherland during the war of September 1965.” The AJK President in his separate message was of the view that Kashmir is the root cause of tension and conflict between the two neighbouring countries Pakistan and India due to which three wars were fought between the two because of the unresolved dispute of Kashmir, saying no peace and stability in the region could be established without the peaceful solution of Kashmir issue according to the aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, he added. He said “The defence of country is in strong hands as Pakistan’s defence position is far better and stronger ever before as the balance of power is in favour of Pakistan at present” and added that enemy cannot keep evil eye on our motherland. The AJK President paid rich tributes to President General Pervez Musharraf for his unequivocal and clear cut stand on Kashmir. The AJK Prime Minister Sardar Sikandar Hayyat Khan said that “we are proud of our national heroes and the defenders of boundaries of the motherland who always rendered unprecedented sacrifices and services for the noble cause of the country at the hour of trial.” Sikandar was of the view that September 6 reminds in our memory the heroic achievements of the national heroes who sacrificed that invaluable lives for the defence of the country. Meanwhile, Prime Minister of AJK Sardar Sikandar Hayat Khan urged international community to pressurize India to stop atrocities and human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir saying a lasting peace in the region lies in the solution of Kashmir issue according to the wishes of Kashmiri people. “Kashmir issue is a continuos threat to the peace and security of the region. Without the solution of this outstanding issue peace could not be restored in South Asia,” he said. Sardar Sikandar was talking with a delegation headed by President Jammu and Kashmir Youth Forum and Muslim Conference leader Raja Ijaz Dilawar. Raja Arbi, Chaudhry Muhammad Rafiq, Javed Raja and Chaudhry Nisar Ahmad were other members of the delegation.  “International community should give up its hypocrisy towards the issue of Kashmir and make sincere efforts for the solution of Kashmir issue. They should increase their diplomatic role and pressurize India to honour UN Security Council resolutions regarding the right of self determination to the people of Kashmir,” he said.  The AJK Prime Minister said that the massacre of Muslims and minorities in Occupied Valley is a conspiracy of Indian government against the freedom movement. India through these tactics wants to defame the freedom movement on the international level.  “Freedom is the birth right of all the Kashmiri people and for the achievement of this right they are ready to give every sacrifice. India must realize the ground reality that its over 700,000 forces could never suppress the freedom movement by force,” he said. “Custodial killings, house to house search, imprisonment and curfews could never halt the people of Occupied Kashmir from giving up their sacred mission. The extremist Indian government will not succeed in its nefarious designs. All the Indian tactics for the suppression of freedom movement have failed,” he said.  Sikandar Hayat expressed the resolve that AJK government will continue its efforts for the success of freedom movement in Occupied Kashmir and will extend every possible support to the people of Occupied Kashmir.  “The people of Occupied Kashmir are not alone in their struggle for independence. AJK people and government will support them on every forum. We will make AJK the real base camp for freedom movement in Occupied Kashmir,” he added. Ijaz Dilawar invited AJK Prime Minister to attend the death anniversary of his father Brigadier (retd) Dilawar Raja. Sikandar Hayat accepted the invitation.


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