September 2001 News

PM has put whole India on sale for US: Bhim Singh

7 September 2001
The Daily Excelsior
Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU: Launching scathing attack on the Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee for following dictates of America, Prof Bhim Singh, president National Panthers Party today asserted that Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) alongwith National Conference (NC) is trying to disinvest whole country in general and Jammu and Kashmir State in particular. Addressing a press conference here today, Prof Bhim Singh said that by following America’s instruction, Prime Minister Vajpayee has put the whole country on sale and apprehended that even J&K would be disinvested if he (Vajpayee) will continue to follow the US’ dictates. He also alleged that America doesn’t want Gilgit coming closer to India as US wants its forces be there to counter China. ''To take control of South Asia and to contain China, US is not in the favour of Gilgit meet with India'', he said, adding US sees India only as a big market for its companies and our leaders are fulfilling its dream by putting whole India on sale. Alleging that Mr Vajpayee is puppet at the hands of Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS), Prof Singh said that Prime Minister is trying to convert India from Secular Democratic Republic to Hindu Democratic Republic. ''By trying to make Hindutiva story succeed in India Vajpayee is indirectly supporting the two nation theory of Pakistan'', he alleged and said that that is why Pakistan is continuously showering all praises on Vajpayee. The president of National Panthers Party further said that for the past so many years, the country in general and State in particular is being run by different agencies. ''These are the agencies which have damaged our country and its secular fabric'', he alleged and said that agencies must be kicked off from the politics of State. Disclosing that a strong quit Gilgit and PoK movement is gaining momentum against Pakistan, Prof Singh said that our country and agencies have not so far given even any moral support to that movement. ''On one side our Prime Minister making us to fall victim of foreign conspiracy and on the other side Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) is trying to create conflict among the people and divide them through the help of its agents in the State administration. Opposing the declaration of whole State as Disturbed Area and sounding of red alert in Jammu, Prof Singh said that these steps have crippled the economy of Jammu. ''The Jammu region, whose economy is dependent on the number of pilgrims visiting Vaishnodevi Shrine, has started becoming victim of Disturbed Area Act and red alert as sharp fall has been registered in the pilgrims visiting the shrine. ''Due to sounding of red alert and implementation of Disturbed Area Act people of the Jammu region especially of far-flung areas are finding it difficult to move out of their homes'', he said, adding Panthers Party desired that Civil Secretariat should be run both in Jammu and Srinagar simultaneously under two Chief Secretaries as this step is in the interest of the people. He questioned as to what would happen when people have been made prisoners in their own houses and to whom they will approach for redressal of their grievances. ''Security personnel are not supposed to redress the day-to-day grievances of the people as it is the job of ''rotten’ politicians who are taking doles from the agencies''. he said. To bring peace and normalcy in the State we should redress the grievances of the people and for this we should bring an end to agencies rule, he further said, adding there is complete breakdown of political system in the State. Regarding statement of Prime Minister of conducting free and fair election in the State of Jammu and Kashmir, Prof Bhim Singh said that how can there be free and fair poll when whole state is under the command of security forces. ''Farooq has admitted that he has failed to run the State Government effectively and Govt could not protect the lives and property of the people by implementing the DAA'', he further said, adding ''if Farooq has failed then why that liability should continue on our heads''. ''If Chief Minister doesn’t go himself he would be made to go'', the NPP president said, adding his party is going to start awakening campaign from tomorrow to mobilise opinion for dissolution of Government.


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