September 2001 News

Pak is keeping militancy boiling in Kashmir: Post

9 September 2001
The Indian Express

Washington DC: A leading US daily on Sunday accused Pakistan of keeping militancy alive in Kashmir and rejected Islamabad''s claim that the insurgency in the Valley is indigenous and that Pakistan only gives moral and political support to cross-border terrorism. ''Officially, Pakistan insists that the decade-old insurgency in Kashmir is an ''indigenous freedom struggle'' and that Pakistan provides the militants with only moral and political support. ''While championing the Kashmir cause at home to rally domestic support, the government also seeks to avoid being accused abroad of promoting international terrorism,'' The Washington Post said in dispatch from Islamabad. The Post said, ''...Pakistan wants to keep militancy boiling as a way to force India to resolve the long standing issue''. On the recent crackdown on violent groups in Pakistan by the government, the paper said that compared with the crackdown on sectarian groups, the government''s effort to rein in the jehadi was relatively mild. The paper said, ''The jehadi groups have long received training and aid from Pakistani intelligence agencies, and they serve as proxies for a major thrust of Pakistan''s uncleared foreign policy.''


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