September 2001 News

Kashmir is our main focus: LeT chief

12 September 2001
The Asian Age

New Delhi: United States, the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) on Wednesday said its main focus remained on the activities in Kashmir. On their tactics in Kashmir, LeT chief Hafiz Mohd Saeed told PTI over phone from Lahore that ''whatever the organisation does, it announces it. The methods which LeT has used in Jammu and Kashmir... Are better as we have been able to release the pressure by Indian army of late''. ''The issue of Kashmir and America are two different matters and one should not be associated with the other,'' he said. Describing as ''wrong and baseless'' an earlier claim in the name of LeT for attacks in US, he said ''these are aimed to defame LeT, which was involved in the jihad (holy war) in Jammu and Kashmir.'' Asked who he thought was behind these attacks, Saeed said ''America has harassed and harmed a lot of people. It has conflicts with nations like Iraq. So the matter should be investigated thoroughly, instead of indulging in baseless allegations.''


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