September 2001 News

Jaswant Singh says Taliban recalling militants from Kashmir

20 September 2001
The Hindustan Times

New Delhi: External Affairs Minister Jaswant Singh said on Thursday that there were signs that Kabul had asked militants fighting in Jammu and Kashmir to return to Afghanistan to stand up to any US attack. He told a news conference that the call had come from Mullah Mohammad Omar, leader of Afghanistan''s ruling Taliban. ''It is our information based on the intelligence resources of India that Mullah Omar has issued an appeal that all the terrorists that are currently in Jammu and Kashmir should quickly move towards Afghanistan and come to Afghanistan to stand up against what is apprehended,'' Singh said. Indian police say around half the militants in a 12-year-old insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir are from Pakistan and Afghanistan. It has long accused Pakistan of fuelling the insurgency, a charge Islamabad denies. Afghanistan is the home base of Saudi-born dissident Osama bin Laden, prime suspect in last week''s attack on New York and Washington.


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