September 2001 News

Pak generates 2.5 b. US dollars from drugs, spents Rs 1000 cr on militancy

22 September 2001
The Daily Excelsior
Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU: Pak generates about 2.5 billion US dollars from drug trade annually while it spends about Rs 1000 crore on aiding militants operating in the Jammu and Kashmir. Highly placed Defence sources said that the Pak ISI, after coming under the direct control of the Army with the coming of General Mushraff has increased the rate of funds to the militant organisations and its other agencies operating in the Jammu and Kashmir and other parts of the country. Itís economy has been shattered in abetting insurgency in the State, but it describes it as the low cost option for the Nation to wage a proxy war against India. More concentration is being given to generate funds by the Pak government through drug trade and the people particularly residing in the Pak occupied Kashmir and North Western Frontier Province are being encouraged to produce poppy crop. It indicates that Pakís economy mostly depends on the drugs trade. The intelligence inputs have indicated that Pak is generating revenue of about 2.5 million US dollars from drug trade. For the drug traffic to the international market, it exploits the Afghan and the Indian borders while it has increased its drug network in Nepal and Singapore in the recent past. In just last three consecutive years, the annual expenditure on the aid to the militants has been increased from Rs 500 crores to Rs 1000 crores. With the introduction of medium range weapons, advanced technology and highly improvised devices, the cost has also gone high. With the use of missiles, rockets and anti-aircraft guns etc. the cost option has also shown upward trend. But in real sense itís not so low cost option for the Pakistan as it claims. Arms and ammunition worth hundreds of crores has been seized and it has lost a large number of militants and its men in proxy war. The sources said that arms and ammunition seized by the security forces in last 11 years is enough to raise three Infantary Divisions of an Army. The army alone has captured arms and ammunition besides other equipment worth Rs 40 crores so far only in Kashmir. Recovery of only Ak rifles in Kashmir by Army is more than 12,000 while pistols- revolvers seized so far are more than 4500. The LMGs- UMGs- rocket launchers may be more than 2500. But the recoveries made by other security agencies is also higher. The militants and ISI agents are also being used for drugs traffic to this side and a large number of youth of this side are being spoiled by spreading drug- addiction. The strength of the drug addicts among the unemployed youth and those in the field of education has also considerably increased. The special incentives for carrying anti-security forces operation have also been increased by the Pak agencies and they are putting their all efforts to get new recruits especially from Pakistan, POK, Afghanistan and few other Islamic countries on the name of Jehad in Kashmir. The percentage of local Kashmiri youth has considerably decreased and out of about 123 militant camps operating in parts of POK and Pakistan hardly 40 % of them are active this time. For any suicide action- high risk involving operation the each militant is given incentives to the tune of Rs 50,000 while for low risk or other strikes the incentive ranges from Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000. Special training to handle medium and most advanced weapons has been introduced for the foreign ultras for which an amount of Rs one lakh is often promised to provide for this special course by the Pak ISI. This all is being done to raise the morale of the ultras but ultras hardly get this promised amount. They are being lured and duped by the ISI officials. Several of them have revealed the hard facts during their interrogation at different JICs. For the time being, the ultras have suspended the Fidayeen operations and they have changed their strategy as per the instructions from their mentors across the Line of Control.The agencies have also been badly failed to woo the local youth and exploit them any more on the name of Jehad. This is a major set back to the Pak agencies and the foreign ultras have also stopped relying on the local militant leadership.


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