September 2001 News

J&K terrorism on Bush''s hit list: Powell

22 September 2001
The Times of India

WASHINGTON: Terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir is on US President George W Bush''s target list along with other terrorist movements like Irish terrorism and Basque terrorism, Secretary of State Colin Powell has said unambiguously in an interview to the BBC.''Is this a war against all terrorism,'' asked the BBC correspondent.Powell Yes. President Bush sees this as a campaign that goes after terrorism as a curse in the face of society.Question So that would include Irish terrorism, Kashmiri terrorism and Basque terrorism?Powell I think that is correct. Any organization that is interested in terrorist operations to overthrow legitimate governments, democratically elected governments, or governments that represent the will of their people is a threat. We should go after them. This is not new for the United States. We recently designated the real JRA, a terrorist organization. We have done the same thing with three organisations in Colombia, the FARC, the ELN and recently their paramilitary, the AUC.''So the United States has been in the forefront of going after terrorism. But in light of what happened on the 11th of September, we now needs a worldwide campaign, not just the United States or even just the UN, but rather everybody coming together.Question How will you judge that war has been won?Powell I think we can make a judgement that the war is being won or has been won when we don''t see that kind of terrorist incident occurring anywhere. Now, will we ever get there? I don''t know. Can we reduce the likelihood of these sorts of incidents as we go after these terrorist organisations? The answer to that is clearly yes.Question But you are embarking upon a war that you are not sure you can win?Powell We are embarking upon a long campaign that we will win if we start to see these kinds of incidents sort of disappear from public life. Will we ever get to a situation where there is not a single terrorist left in the world willing to do this kind of activity, I can''t answer that, I can''t say we will.


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