September 2001 News

Pak tells J&K militants to head for Afghanistan

24 September 2001
The Hindustan Times

New Delhi: There has been a sharp decline in terrorist violence in Jammu and Kashmir. That''s because Pakistan has issued an advisory to the infiltrators they sponsor to ''join forces in Afghanistan'' after the September 11 terrorist attacks in the US. ''As against 40 terrorist attacks on security forces in J&K from September 1 to 7, the number (of attacks) has declined to about 10 since September 11,'' Defence Secretary Yogendra Narain said. The information about the ''advisory'' is based on military intercepts. ''These have also revealed instructions to have the ex-filtrated militants escorted directly to the Afghan border by the Pakistani Army,'' Narain said. Pakistan does not want them to remain in its territory. Communication intercepts indicate ''confusion'' in terrorist ranks. ''There are some indications of movement (of terrorists) from J&K to PoK, but the full picture is not clear yet. We''re keeping a close vigil and see how the situation develops over the next fortnight,'' Narain said. ''Pakistan is also in the process of disbanding terrorist training camps in PoK. We feel that this is happening because of US pressure, but (it) is anyhow a welcome step. Pakistan is anxious to show that there are no training camps. That''s already a gain for India, and we hope this will reduce tensions in J&K,'' he said. There were more intercepts in the first four days after the attacks of Pakistan asking militants to go to Afghanistan. ''These reveal Pakistan''s anxiety to push out such elements, even from PoK. We''re concerned that in case the Pakistan- Afghanistan border is sealed before all these militants are able to get across, they may be pushed into J&K,'' he said.


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