September 2001 News

Terror in Kashmir is next target: Envoys

26 September 2001
The Times of India

NEW DELHI: The British High Commissioner Rob Young and US ambassador Robert Blackwill on Wednesday indicated that terrorism afflicting Jammu and Kashmir would be tackled in the next phase of the global fight against terrorism. ''We have to look at a number of phases, the first being to trackdown and bring to justice the perpetrators of September 11 attack on US,'' Young said after a 30-minute meeting with Home Minister L K advani here.Asked whether the world community had forgotten cross-border terrorism facing Jammu and Kashmir, he said, ''the next phase will be much bigger operation and broader exercise to tackle issues of terrorism worlwide'' and sought support from India for this purpose.He said there was ''deep determination'' in the US, Britain and other countries that the campaign against terrorism ''is not left on side.''He said he discussed with Advani ''a number of aspects'' relating to the current situation in light of agreement between Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and his British counterpart Tony Blair that the two governments will work ''very very closely to built an effective international coalition against terrorism.''The meeting comes in the wake of Vajpayee''s telephonic conversation with Blair on Monday night.Ending terror networks in Afghanistan top priority BlackwillMeanwhile, the US ambassador to India Robert Blackwill said on Wednesday that the United States and India are in agreement that first task in the global campaign against terrorism is to eliminate terror networks in Afghanistan. ''I believe the United States and India have absolutely no difference with respect to that objective. And we are concentrating on that objective. There will be other objectives down the road, a variety of other objectives because this is a holistic proposition,'' Blackwill said.The United States, he said, has not made any request to India for cooperation on the military front in the context of possible US led attacks in Afghanistan.''We did not have to ask for India''s support (on the diplomatic side) as it was in the front rows of those countries that immediately recognised the threat to the international system,'' Blackwill said.Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee''s security adviser, Brajesh Mishra, is currently in the United States, holding discussions with top administration officials on coordinating efforts to fight terrorism in the aftermath of the attacks on New York and Washington.


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