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Pak freezes Al-Rasheed, Harkat accounts

26 September 2001
The Hindustantimes
Mubashir Zaidi

Islamabad:Pakistan's central bank today froze accounts of Harkatul Mujahideen and Al Rasheed Trust, the two groups included in the list of 27 terrorist groups banned by the US. "We have been told by our bank that our accounts have been frozen," Al Rasheed Trust spokesman Maulana Abdullah said from Karachi where the Trust's headquarter is based. Al Rasheed Trust is the latest addition on the US terrorist list released on Monday. The group claimed that it was run through donations of Muslims throughout the world. However, the group has alleged links with Al-Qaeda group of Osama Bin Laden. Al Rasheed Trust on its web site called upon the Muslims to provide moral, political, military and financial support to the 'heroes of Islam', the Taliban. "Remember! Only Taliban can help the Islamic World out of their internal and external crisis at the time when anti-lslam forces are bending over backwards to economically crush this new born pure Islamic state, before it becomes a World economic power," the Trust wrote in its web site. The Trust has also appealed to donate to the Taliban for its jehad and specifically mentions its bank accounts of Habib Bank and Karachi Branch, where donations to buy Taliban army boots, sleeping bags and blankets could be deposited. Sources said that the Trust's support to Chechniyan Muslims, where they had sent more than one million US$ during the last year, had raised the Russian government suspicion about the source of the money.


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