September 2001 News

Harkat vows to intensify terror strikes on India

27 September 2001
The Times of India

MUZAFFARABAD: An alleged Kashmiri ''terrorist'' group on Thursday vowed to intensify its fight against India in response to a freeze on its bank accounts in Pakistan.The Harakat ul-Mujahedin''s accounts were frozen by the central State Bank of Pakistan on Wednesday, three days after the group was named on a list of 27 individuals or groups identified as being linked to terrorism by US President George W. Bush.''Pakistan''s decision, taken under US dictates, will make no effect on the freedom struggle being carried on in the occupied territory (Indian- controlled Kashmir),'' Harakat spokesman Amiruddin Mughal said in a statement released in Muzaffarabad, the capital of Pakistan- controlled Kashmir. ''Rather we will intensify our operations against the occupation forces.''Harakat has previously been linked to Osama Bin Laden, who is accused by Washington of masterminding the September 11 terror attacks in the US. The spokesman critcised Pakistan''s move, taken after it offered its ''full cooperation'' to the US-led war against terrorism.Pakistan is alleged to provide moral and diplomatc support to more than a dozen Islamic militant groups fighting against the Indian administration.New Delhi characterises the 12-year rebellion as ''cross-border terrorism'' inspired and fomented in Pakistan, but Islamabad calls it a legitimate ''freedom struggle'' for the Kashmiris'' right to self-determination.''It is painful for us that the accounts have been seized in a country (Pakistan) where the government claims day-in and day-out that it is extending political, moral and diplomatic support to Kashmiris,'' the Harakat spokesman said. ''We hope that the 140 million people of Pakistan will fully side with us in our struggle for freedom and continue to extend physical and financial aid.''Harakat has claimed credit for a number of attacks on Indian troops in Kashmir, but has vehemently denied involvement in ''terrorist'' activity. ''We want to remind the international community that our struggle is in accordance with the UN charter and it will be highly unjust and unfair to link it with terrorism,'' Mughal said.


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