September 2001 News

Militia camps ‘run by Pak army’

30 September 2001
The Tribune

London: Taliban supreme commander Mullah Mohammed Omar’s former bodyguard has said in a newspaper interview that the “Taliban is full of Pakistanis” and the militia’s training camps within Pakistan are being run by the Pakistani military. Hafiz Sadiqulla Hassani, who served several years with the Taliban secret police, also revealed that it was Osama bin Laden who finally ran Afghanistan and not the Taliban leader. Hassani, in an interview published in Sunday Telegraph from London, said he had attended training camps run by the Taliban twice and that both were run by Arabs as well as Pakistanis. “The first one I went to lasted 10 days in the Yellow Desert in Helmand province, a place where Saudi princes used to hunt, so it has its own airport,” Hassani was quoted as saying by the Sunday Telegraph. “It was incredibly well guarded and there were many Pakistanis there, both students from religious schools and military instructors,” he said. “The Taliban is full of Pakistanis” Among instructions and equipment he was given were blank marriage certificates that entitled him to take home and rape women of those he saw as enemies of Islam. Hassani, who later became Oma’s bodyguard, said: “He’s of medium height, slightly fat with an artificial green eye which doesn’t move. He would sit on a bed issuing instructions and giving people dollars from a tin trunk. He doesn’t say much, which is just as well as he’s a very stupid man. He knows only how to write his name ‘Omar’ and sign it.’ “It is the first time in Afghanistan’s history that the lower classes are governing and by force. There are no educated people in this administration — they are all totally backward and illiterate.” He, however, said the Taliban were not really in control. “We laughed when we heard the Americans asking Mullah Omar to hand over Laden.” “The Americans are crazy. It is Osama bin Laden who can hand over Mullah Omar — not the other way round,” Hassani reportedly said.


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