October 2001 News

Over 29, 160 people have died in J&K violence

1 October 2001
Times of India

SRINAGAR: Pakistan-sponsored militancy has taken a toll of more than 29, 160 lives in Jammu and Kashmir during the last 12 years. Of the 12,400 civilians killed during this period, 11,000 alone were Muslims. In addition, as many as 21, 746 civilians and personnel of the security forces were injured, according to an official spokesman. Hence, the so-called jehad, has actually harmed the Muslim population more than any other community. The fact that 11,000 Muslims were killed shows that the Muslim population is resisting Pakistan's designs and increasingly becoming victim of the militants thirst for blood, notwithstanding Pakistan's orchestrated propaganda. Those killed in the violence during the last 12 years comprised 12,406 civilians killed by militants, 3,140 security force personnel and 13, 609 militants. Of the militants killed, nearly 2,150 were foreign mercenaries, mostly Pakistanis and some Afghans. The militants even did not spare the children and women. During the first fort night of this month, at least 16 children were killed. Overall, about 600 women and 110 children have been killed during the 12 years of militancy. Giving details of the colossal damage caused by cross-border terrorism in the state, an official spokesman said that foreign mercenaries dominated militant outfits, continued with their killing spree even when the entire world, including Pakistan, which has sponsored militancy in J&K, had woken upto the danger of terrorism and joined hands to root it out. He said this year, 2,400 persons had lost their lives in terrorist violence. The spokesman said pro-Pakistan militants had caused as many as 50, 000 violent incidents in the state during the last 12 years. These included hurling of grenades, planting of improvised devices (IEDs) on roads, arson, firing, abduction and attacks on the security forces. The involvement of Pakistan was evident from the huge weaponry and ammunition recovered from militants during this period,. The arsenal included about 35,000 weapons, 56,000 magazines, 34 lakh ammunition rounds, 47,500 grenades and IEDs, 5,500 kg of RDX and more than 50,000 detonators besides other weapons.


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