October 2001 News

After attack: Jaish goes into denial, its website disabled, Lashkar silent

2 October 2001
The Indian Express

New Delhi: Yesterday’s attack in Srinagar was followed by a swift turn of events, bordering on eerie coincidence, that put a question mark over the whole episode. First, a phone call soon after the attack purportedly claimed responsibility for the Jaish-e-Mohammad. Then India wrote to the US about the attack and Pakistan followed up with its own condemnation of it. On Tuesday, a day after the attack, Jaish denied any role, saying the attack could instead have been the work of the Indian government to ‘‘browbeat its puppet administration’’. Now the Jaish website Dharb-i-Mumin can’t be accessed on the Net and the other Pakistan-based group active in the Valley, the Lashkar-e- Toiba is silent on the fidayeen attack. The coincidences are interesting. Had it existed today, the site would have been a source of discomfort to Pakistan. Jaish’s earlier ‘admission’ to the attack firmly squeezed Pakistan between participation in a global fight against terrorism and domestic support for militants fighting in Kashmir. India immediately used the Jaish call to write to US President George W. Bush highlighting Pakistan’s role in terrorism in Kashmir. While Musharraf would like to distance himself from terrorism in Kashmir at a time of global outrage against the US attacks, he found little help from the group initially reported to have claimed responsibility. A whole day and a denial later, the Jaish has now fallen silent.


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