October 2001 News

Farooq Abdullah cries for war against Pakistan

3 October 2001
The Indian Express
Mufti Islah

Srinagar: A moist-eyed Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah on Wednesday asked Prime Minister Vajpayee why prompt action was reserved against Pakistan, which bleeds the people of the state by fomenting subversion on Kashmiri soil. Bitterly crying over the loss of lives in Monday''s Assembly blast, Abdullah asked the PM to spare no action against the neigbouring country ''as she was bleeding the people of Jammu and Kashmir continually''. Ab waqt aa gaya ke hum us mulq se phaisla kare (It is high time to take a decision against Pakistan) Abdullah said. He added, ''The militant training camps in Pakistan occupied Kashmir should be smashed so that terrorism is not imported on our soil and miseries of people are put to an end.'' ''Our cup of patience has spilled over in the last 12 years. Many mothers have lost their sons, sisters have grieved over the loss of their husbands and children''s mourned over the bodies of their parents,'' the Chief Minister said. ''We don''t know how many more people will get killed. People are getting massacred daily. Prime Minster sahab ab ham me itna sabar nahin hai. Aap kuch keejiye (PM, we have lost our patience, please do something),'' Abdullah said in the House, where most of legislators started crying bitterly. Urging Vajpayee to take prompt action against subversion and their harbours, Abdullah said it took America only one a single day to launch preparation for the retaliatory action against Afghanistan. ''Why are we waiting for so long PM sahib? This war is 12 years old. When will we act?'' he asked. Abdullah said Kashmiris were very unfortunate and have been caught in the fire of two countries. ''One is targetting us and the other is not defending us against the aggression unleashed by the former.'' Abdullah said if Pakistan and ISI were baying for his blood, he will submit himself at the border, ''provided they promise me to end the bloodshed there''. ''Let them fire as many bullets as they can upon me. If that saves my people, I am ready to die,'' he added. Stating that the plan of dividing people on communal lines will fail Pakistan and ISI, Abdullah remarked that the sacrficies made by the people will further strenghen the relationships of the different faiths. ''If Pakistan or its torchbearers are plotting a communal divide in Jammu and Kashmir and think the Muslim majority is a premise for wresting Kashmir, they should also ponder over the fate of 20 crore Muslims living in India,'' Abdullah said. Abdullah explained that India was not against Pakistan, but it was Pakistan, ISI and Hurriyat whow were whipping up passions against Hindus and India. Hindus are not against Pakistan but the converse can be true, he said. The Chief Minister said India has always stood for friendship with neighbours and it was that country which was always rejecting it. ''But our good gestures should not be construed as a weakness,'' he reiterated. Abdullah put in a word of praise for the performance of the policeman, employees and fire-fighters saying “they stood like a rock in the time of crisis and I’m proud to be a Chief Minister of this state”, he said while referring to them. He ridiculed the role of the media for giving “liberal” coverage to Hurriyat and militants. “I don''t want this type of a press. I appeal them to expose the hidden agenda of these people. Please censor their news and don''t highlight them,” he said.


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