October 2001 News

Attack on JK Assembly is terrorist act: Musharraf

8 October 2001
The Indian Express

Islamabad: Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf on Monday described as a terrorist act the car-bomb explosion outside the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly in Srinagar on October 1, saying such acts could not be identified with what he called ''freedom struggle''. ''Whatever happened (in Srinagar) on that day, is severely condemnable and cannot be described as freedom struggle. Such actions malign freedom struggle which is a noble cause. An attack which kills innocent civilians certainly cannot be described as a freedom struggle. We don''t support that,'' Gen. Musharraf said at a press conference after the US attacks on Afghanistan. Replying to a question on whether Islamabad had received any assurance from the US and UK on Kashmir, Gen. Musharraf said the issue did figure during the talks with their leaders but in the context that Afghanistan could not be equated with Kashmir. ''Whatever is happening in Afghanistan, cannot be identified with whatever is happening in Kashmir.'' He said he was confident that Pakistan''s interests would be guarded at this crucial juncture.


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