October 2001 News

Mercenaries in J&K not moving out: IB

9 October 2001
The Times of India

NEW DELHI: The Taliban’s war against the US-led coalition forces in the rugged Afghanistan is clearly not being joined by militants and mercenaries who have been targeting the innocent civilians and security forces in Jammu and Kashmir.According to Intelligence Bureau officials, many of the jehadis who have been active in the Valley are staying put. Responding to the Taliban’s call, they were supposed to have moved towards Afghanistan to fight against the US forces.But, an IB officer said, ‘‘We have information that many of the top terrorists have stayed away from Afghanistan. Even the Afghan mercenaries who were in Kashmir have preferred to stay put.’’The officer claimed that some terrorists who were trained in Afghanistan and had infiltrated into J&K ‘‘have now chosen to hide in Pakistan and Nepal’’. This is a worrying factor, he said.The IB has, for years, collected information on the terrorist groups which have their bases in Afghanistan. ‘‘Most of them work for money and the ISI has hired a large number of them to fight a proxy war against us. Following the US-led attack, a large number of these terrorists have fled Afghanistan. Most of them will be hired by Pakistan, which could create more problems for us in the coming years,’’ said the IB official.


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