October 2001 News

Pak. might use n-weapons in war: Omar

11 October 2001
The Hindu

NEW DELHI: India apprehends that Pakistan might use nuclear weapons in case of a heightened conventional war as it has never given an assurance of ''no first use'', the Minister of State for External Affairs, Mr Omar Abdullah, has said . ''Why is Pakistan not ready to declare no first use of the nuclear weapons when India has already announced the same,'' Mr. Abdullah said in the ''Seedhi Baat'' programme by Mr. Prabhu Chawla on ''Aaj Tak.'' Islamabad might opt for a nuclear strike if it found itself in a weak position in a conventional warfare. The Minister said, ''we have a history that we have never waged any war. Any way even after fighting and winning three wars with Pakistan, the problem of Kashmir has not been solved.'' ''War is not the only solution to end the cross-border terrorism. We can invoke U.N. resolution 1373 by which we can stop the funding of these militant groups besides pressuring Pakistan to stop giving diplomatic and moral support to these terrorists.''


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