October 2001 News

Advani fires warning shot at Pak, but no strikes across border

20 October 2001
The Indian Express

New Delhi: Home Minister L.K. Advani on Saturday warned Pakistan to be prepared for consequences if it continued with its policy of supporting terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. ''Hot pursuit is accepted as legitimate course of action in international law but at the moment we are confident we will be able to overcome terrorism without resort to that,'' he said. Advani added that New Delhi, as of now, was not considering strikes at terrorist camps across the Line of Control (LoC). During the Kargil war, he said: ''There was a desire, there was a natural inclination to go beyond the LoC but we did not do it. We exercised restraint even at that time''. Advani, however, said: ''When need be, the government will take appropriate action.'' Emphasising that India has not sought any assistance from the United States or any other country in dealing with terrorism in Kashmir other parts of the country, he said: ''We are determined to overcome the problem on our own. We do not look for the world''s assistance in dealing with the menace.''


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