October 2001 News

US Daily criticises Powell for his Kashmir remarks

23 October 2001
The Indian Express

New York: US Secretary of State Colin Powell has come in for sharp criticism in a leading daily for terming Kashmir as the core issue between New Delhi and Islamabad, which, it said, has alienated a powerful and increasingly important ally, India. The New York Post column also flayed Powell for trying to bolster the Musharraf regime and for saying moderate Taliban could be part of a future governing set-up in Afghanistan. Powell ??gratuitously alienated our powerful and increasingly important Indian allies by saying Kashmir was at the core of the tension in the region and that America was open to expanding military ties to Pakistan. ??After all, while the legalities of the Kashmir could be debated endlessly... Pakistan has... actively sponsored terror groups in Kashmir, including some linked to bin Laden?s Al Qaeda,?? popular columnist Jonathan Foreman said. Powell, he said, could have even hinted that if Pakistan doesn? t start being a more cooperative ally very quickly - if it doesn?t choose between ??our friendship and ties to Taliban? - if it doesn?t stop backing Islamic terror against India - then America might become so friendly that it gives India full permission to do whatever that country thinks necessary to resolve all its problems with Islamabad.?? Powell, the column said, should have told Pakistan that Washington now has ??every reason to become much, much friendlier with its rival, India.?? ??India, after all, is a democratic, pluralistic and secular nation with which the US has much in common - including being a victim of terrorism, rather than, like Pakistan, a consistent sponsor,?? it said.


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