November 2001 News

Un disowns J&K remark by General

2 November 2001
The Asian Age
Dharam Shourie

United Nations: The UN has disavowed remarks made by its chief military observer in Kashmir, Maj. Gen. Hermann K. Loidolt, and reprimanded him for making political observations without getting clearance from the headquarters. “I would like to make it clear that what he (Loidolt) said does not represent the views of the Secretary-General,” Manoel de Almeida e Silva, deputy spokesman for the UN Secretary-General, told reporters on Thursday. Maj. Gen. Loidolt, who heads the UN military observer group in India and Pakistan, at a press conference on October 29, described the Kashmir issue as “multi-layered” and said “all of us are aware of the situation in Kashmir and the games both parties — India and Pakistan — are playing with this tormented country.” Reacting to his statement, the UN spokesman said “chiefs of the mission in the field are required to discuss with the headquarters and get clearance when they are going to make political statements.” “Maj. Gen. Loidolt did not comply with that in this case and he has been reminded of the limits of his responsibility,” he added. Maj. Gen. Loidolt on Thursday had expressed his “sincerest” apologies for his “misbehaviour” in making a political comment. In a letter sent to the director-general of military operations, he said, “I deeply regret that this incident caused some discomfort. It was not intended to blame someone on something.”


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