November 2001 News

Former PoK chief calls for ban on militant outfits

7 November 2001
The Times of India

ISLAMABAD: Former President of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan has called for a ban on militant outfits in Pakistan accusing them of harbouring criminal elements who are engaged in terrorism in Kashmir. ''The fact is that a lot of criminal elements are in the folds of jehadi organisations and they are engaged in terrorism in Kashmir,'' said Khan, who has also served as the prime minister of PoK. The cause of Kashmiris has suffered a setback due to terrorism. Militant organisations are busy collecting funds in the name of Kashmir liberation, he said.''There is no concept of terrorism in Islam, the world is squeezing and time demands that people should live in a friendly atmosphere,'' the ''Pakistan Observer'' newspaper on Wednesday quoted Khan as saying. Addressing members of the Lahore Bar Association on Tuesday, Khan, leader of PoK''s Muslim Conference, said after the Soviets had left Afghanistan, almost all commanders except prime minister Gulbudin Hekmatyar had offered to fight in Kashmir, which he turned down.The report said Khan''s speech was objected to by some members of the audience who charged him with being a US agent and toeing the American line on the Kashmir issue.


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