November 2001 News

Govt policy to harm Kashmir cause: Al Badr

11 November 2001
The Frontier Post

Islamabad: Supreme commander of Al-Badar Mujahideen, Bakht Zamin Khan has strongly condemned Pakistan’s stand regarding the current situation and termed it a severe threat for national integrity, Kashmir cause and nuclear capability.Addressing a welcome ceremony organized under the Al-Badar NWFP for the two-escaped Mujahideen, Commander Haider Ali and Junaid on Saturday. Al-Badar chief on this occasion made it clear that the Taliban and Afghanistan was not the real target of the US, “Pakistan is the real target” of the US, he added. He said that the territorial integrity of Pakistan could not remain in safe hands if US entered this region adding that this would be a great threat for Kashmir cause and for Pakistani Nuclear deterrents. Terming President Gen. Perviz Musharraf as the US agent he said that he was working on the US cruel policy and asked him to change his policy adding that this was not in the favour of Pakistan. Fully supporting the Taliban regime in Afghanistan Bakhat Zamin Khan said that the Al- Badar Mujahideen would fight in Afghanistan just like they were fighting in Kashmir since last 12 years. Talking about the fate of the US in this region he said that the US would face more difficult time than the former USSR in Afghanistan and this would prove a graveyard for them adding that today they have not achieved even their minor objectives. He asked the Muslim Ummah to become unite against these US led air strikes on the innocent people of Afghanistan adding that this was a war not only against Afghanistan but against the entire Muslim Ummah. Condemning the role of OIC and those rulers of the Muslim countries who have announced their support for the US, the Pukhtoon commander said that they were playing the role of the agents and they would got nothing without destruction from the US. He held responsible former King of Afghanistan Muhammad Zahir Shah for the present Afghan crisis and said that no one could make any imposed government in Afghanistan. He on this occasion congratulated the two escaped Al-Badar Mujahideen from the Indian prison and hoped that all of the detained Mujahideen might be released from these prisons and torture cells very soon adding that the Kashmir freedom fight has been entered in to decisive phase.


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