November 2001 News

Islamabad cannot justify jihad in Kashmir: Pak media

20 November 2001
The Indian Express

New Delhi: Pakistani media has warned Islamabad that it cannot justify jihad in Kashmir on grounds of national defence as its ''complicity'' in sending militants into Kashmir made it accountable for their actions. ''Islamabad''s exposure is far greater (than India''s) because it cannot justify support for jihad (in Kashmir) on national defence grounds. Complicity with the insertion of militants into Kashmir makes Pakistan accountable for their actions,'' The News said in an article. In an editorial too, the daily said the Taliban fighters or ''raw religious students'', who had left Pakistani madrassas few years ago, would now ''spread out in droves, with weapons, to all neighbouring countries'' and warned ''those who created the Taliban'' must learn ''hard lessons of such misadventures''. While breaking its ties with Taliban, ''Pakistan''s army and intelligence service continued to support a jihad in Kashmir... It is no secret that jihadis crossing the Kashmir divide receive logistical, intelligence, communications and fire support from Pakistan'', the article said. It said the policies ''that have backfired in Afghanistan are also sure to backfire on Kashmir. The distinction between terrorists operating out of Afghanistan and jihadis who enjoy Pakistan''s support in Kashmir is not sustainable to the outside world—and perhaps not even within Pakistan''s borders''. ''The Talibanisation of Pakistan, marked by sectarian violence, a non-performing economy and educational system, cannot be reversed unless Pakistan''s methods regarding Kashmir also change,'' the daily said. In the editorial, The News referred to the training and support given to Taliban soldiers by Pakistan and warned ''these fighters are now going to spread out in droves, with weapons, to all neighbouring countries. Governments around Afghanistan have to gear up to this threat as it may take any shape, any dimension and any intensity''. ''The raw religious students who left the madrassas in Pakistan five years ago are no longer immature, misguided children. They are now trained fighters who will roam around as headless chicken, as Mulla Omar himself put in his desperate last message,'' the editorial said. ''Those who created the Taliban must now learn some hard lessons of such misadventures and prepare to ''welcome'' these chicken, coming home to roost,'' it warned.


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