November 2001 News

Review Kashmir policy: Benazir to Musharraf

24 November 2001
The Times of India

NEW DELHI: Former Pakistan premier Benazir Bhutto has asked the Musharraf regime to ''revise'' its policy on Kashmir to ensure non-Kashmiri groups did not (not) ''hijack'' Kashmir as other groups did in Afghanistan''.There is ''attempt by the non-Kashmiri groups to hijack Kashmir as they hijacked Afghanistan. Certainly, it is time for Islamabad to revise a policy where such elements are concerned,'' Bhutto, who is arriving here on Saturday night on a short visit to India, said.She maintained that there was a need for India and Pakistan to accept that they have differing views on Kashmir and ''yet ensure peace in the region. Countries with disputes still trade and build relations. We need to do the same''.Asked what new Kashmir policy would she recommend to Pakistan, Bhutto, who last visited India at the time of the 1972 Simla Summit, told a website ''manage the conflict if the dispute cannot be resolved in the near future''.Observing that New Delhi and Islamabad needed to take a ''quantum jump'' to reduce mutual suspicion and mistrust, she said people-to-people contact should be increased by easing travel restrictions and confidence-building measures should be initiated in the nuclear field.Bhutto, who is coming to India at the invitation of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), is scheduled to address a CII function on November 26 and visit the Dargah at Ajmer the next day.


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