November 2001 News

Kashmir may be next target of US: JKLF

25 November 2001
The Dawn
Our Reporter

ISLAMABAD: Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Amanullah Khan has said the Kashmiri freedom movement may well be the next target of the US and its allies after Taliban and Al-Qaeda. In a statement issued here on Sunday, Mr Khan said India seemed to have succeeded in misleading at least the Western world about the real nature of the constitutional status of Kashmir and the Kashmiris'' freedom struggle through her baseless claims that Kashmir was an integral part of India and the Kashmiri freedom struggle was terrorism. Some high- ranking Americans, Britons and Russians were on record as having agreed with the Indian claims, he said and added, some Americans had even gone to the extent of saying that they would deal with the ''terrorists'' in Kashmir after having dealt with those in Afghanistan. Mr Khan called upon the international community in general and the US in particular to realize that the Indian claim of Kashmir being her constitutional or integral part was devoid of any legal, constitutional or moral justification. Equally baseless, the JKLF chief said, was the Indian stand that Kashmiris were terrorists, because, he added, Kashmiris had started the armed struggle only after a 40-year-long peaceful movement failed to persuade India to honour the pledge of allowing Kashmiris to determine their own future. He said if the international community was really interested in establishing a lasting peace in the region, it should work towards solving the Kashmir Issue on the basis of the wishes of 15 million Kashmiris instead of listening to the cock-and-bull stories by false claimants to the proprietorship of Kashmir.


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