December 2001 News

Ultras’ rehab boomerangs

1 December 2001
The Statesman

New Delhi: In its attempt to rehabilitate surrendered ultras in Jammu and Kashmir, the government is facing a dangerous situation. Apparently, about 200 surrendered militants, rehabilitated in various paramilitary jobs, are suspected to have disappeared from the valley and crossed over to Pakistan. Sources said, they are also believed to have taken substantial quantities of arms and ammunition along with them. It’s understood that these weapons were provided to the surrendered militants for their own safety, since surrendered ultras are generally under threat from various terrorist outfits. However, some of them were sharper. They proceeded to Pakistan with bag and baggage after having a taste of hospitality of the security personnel on this side of the border. Authorities have expressed deep concern over the development. Sources add, the government is worried that these ultras may have had links with ISI or might have even been part of the regular Pakistani army at some time. Since the time this development came to light, the panic button has already been pressed and there have been a flutter of activities. It’s but natural for the security forces and the administration to get alert since surrendered militants are by and large used as ‘informers’. Once they become ‘informers’ their life’s always threatened. The ‘informers’ also get to know the modus operandi of the security forces which could turn out to be a major security hassle for the forces in near future. Just the way the forces over here use them as ‘informers’, the government is worried that those who have reached Pakistan could be used in a similar manner against India.


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