December 2001 News

Pak Army regulars resorting to hit-and-run guerrilla tactics

17 December 2001
The Indian Express

Jammu: Pakistan army regulars are increasingly resorting to hit-and-run guerrilla tactics along the Line of Control (LoC) to foment trouble in the region, intelligence sources said. ''Pakistan is increasingly employing its army regulars in Border Action Team (BAT) which is otherwise composed of the battle-scarred mujahideens,'' the sources said. BAT''s basic purpose is aimed at damaging isolated Indian border outposts along the International Border (IB) and LoC, engage Indian troops in gunbattles, and to carry out subversive activities, they said. But in recent past, the security forces have discovered that Pakistan was increasingly employing its army regulars in BAT, which has been indulging in anti-India activities for the last one year, the sources said. Bat, which is usually active along the LoC, had been indulging in subversive activities along the IB in recent days, including damaging the fencing done in many areas. In a bid to neutralise BAT activities, security forces have been taking a lot of extra measures, the sources said adding it included manning more posts, preventing any type of infiltration and deploying security personnel behind the bushes near the posts. Meanwhile, many cases of BAT attacks have been reported from various areas of Jammu and Kashmir, especially Poonch and Rajouri districts, the sources said.


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