December 2001 News

Pak extends shelling to more villages

20 December 2001
The Daily Excelsior
Excelsior Correspondent

NOWSHERA: Indo-Pak troops traded heavy mortar shelling for third successive day today in Nowshera sector but there were no reports of any casualties on the security forces or civilians side. Few cattle were injured in the shelling. Reports said Pakistan army extended shelling to Rumli Dhar, Baba Khori and Karali villages today in addition to Kalaal, Janghar, Sher Makri, Numb and Bhawani where they had been resorting to indiscriminate firing and heavy mortar shelling for the last three days. The shelling that started at 1040 hours today continued till 1800 hours after which only heavy arms firing was reported from forward areas on the Line of Control (LoC). About 240 to 250 mortar shells were fired by Pakistani troops during the day today targeting both civilian as well as Defence locations. Shelling and heavy caliber weapons firing was effectively retaliated by the Indian side. Some posts on the Pakistan side were damaged and were seen in flames from this side of the LoC this evening following retaliatory firing by the troops, the reports said, adding details of the casualties or damage inflicted on the enemy troops couldn’t be ascertained. About a dozen cattle were injured in the shelling on the Indian side. A Defence spokesman said :''Pakistan army resorted to unprovoked and indiscriminate firing in Nowshera sector with a a view to cause casualties and damage on this side of the LoC. In response, Indian army retaliated with effective and precise mortar and heavy caliber small arms fire on Pakistan army posts, causing considerable damage''. Meanwhile, about 150 to 160 families of Numb, Sher Makri and Janghar villages were still camping in Bhawani area. The families have refused to return to their houses due to continued skirmishes between Indo-Pak troops in this sector. Yesterday, the families were visited by civil and police officers in Bhawani and requested to return. Our Jammu correspondent adds: there was no let up in Pakistan firing on the International Border as well. Both the sides exchanged firing at over a two dozen posts in Jammu and Kathua districts of the border, official sources said. Exchange of firing was reported from Pargwal, Garkhal, Pindi, Pital Post, Mehta Post, Jabowal, Kot Kuba, Zero Point, SH Way, Budhwar, Sangral, Mangral, Abdullian, Korotana, Khurd, Khatmarian, Garana, Garani, Nawa Pind, Joura Farm, Suchetgarh, Kullian, Glar, Faqira Chak, Chambalayal, Narayanpur, SM Pura, Nanga, Fatwal and Kandral in Jammu districts. In Kathua district, the cross- firing was reported from Mangu Chak, Sadhey Chak, Khawara, Durma Chak, Rathwa, Pansar, Ghor-Gal and Manyari. No loss of life or damage was reported on this side in the firing.


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