December 2001 News

150 terror training camps still functioning in PoK

21 December 2001
The Hindustan Times
Vishal Thapar

New Delhi: India has identified about 150 terrorist training camps which are still being run in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Military strategists reckon that some of these camps could be potential targets for surgical strikes, should India take a politico-strategic decision to do so. Sources said India would be under tremendous pressure to take recourse to the military approach should Pakistan ignore its demarche seeking action against terrorist groups based in Pakistan, and handing over of some top terrorists wanted for heinous crimes in India. ''The fact that these training camps continue to operate shows the material support which Pakistan brazenly continues to provide to terrorist groups acting against India,” intelligence sources claimed on Thursday. Pakistan continues to claim that it is only providing “moral and diplomatic support” to militants. “These camps are evidence of material support,” intelligence sources contested. The latest list of terrorist camps factors in some movement in their locations after September 11. “The US too has full knowledge of these camps.” informed sources pointed out. Most of these camps are out of the 130 mm and 155 mm artillery range at the command of the Indian Army. Hence, the spectrum of options being mulled over for a symbolic military strike ranges from the employment of multi-barrel rocket launchers and commando operations to air strikes. Analysts feel that though there is space for a limited war, terrorist training camps are not elaborate military targets, and costs may outweigh any gains in terms of symbology of a surgical strike.


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