December 2001 News

Srinagar airport fortified with heavy artillery

28 December 2001
The Indian Express

Srinagar: Heavy artillery and anti-aircraft batteries have been deployed around Srinagar airport as part of high alert sounded in view of heightened tension along the borders with Pakistan. Defence sources said in Srinagar on Friday that the step was taken to forestall any possible attack from Pakistan and its hired militants in Kashmir. ''Airports always remain alert for air defence and there is no need to get apprehensive if any military equipment is moved in,'' the sources said referring to installation of anti-aircraft batteries at the airport. However, the step would in no way disrupt routine flights to and from Srinagar, they said. ''Training and test flights by jet aircraft are nothing to get worried about as they are a part of defence activities,'' the sources said. Airport authorities maintained that civilian flight schedules were unaffected.


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