December 2001 News

No Kashmiris training camps in Pakistan: Rashid Qureshi

30 December 2001
The News International

ISLAMABAD: Military spokesman Major General Rashid Qureshi has made it clear that there is no training camp of Kashmiris in Pakistan. ''This is nothing more than Indian propaganda that is continuing since long,'' he said in an interview with Radio Tehran. He was asked as to what would be Pakistan''s reaction if India bombs or raids the training camps of Kashmiris and other sensitive areas in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.He said that India was unable to understand that the freedom struggle initiated by the civilian Kashmiris could not be crushed. He made it clear that it would be very harmful for India if it committed the mistake of crossing the ground or air boundaries of Pakistan or attacking Azad Kashmir or Pakistan.Asked to comment on the demands being made by India for handing over of certain Pakistanis and the reports that a list of such individuals had also been made, he said that none of these reports was true. There was neither any list nor demand, he added. General Qureshi pointed out that Pakistan had clearly said that if the Indian government or anyone else had evidence that any Pakistan-based individual or organisation was involved in terrorist activities in India, Pakistan would take action against them. He said that India had not provided any proof so the report regarding provision of a list was baseless.To a question, he said that since last four or five months Pakistan was taking action against the terrorist activities in the country that were backed by the Indian intelligence agencies or carried out by some foreign individuals. Pakistan government had also introduced an ordinance that strongly deals with terrorism and was taking steps according to that ordinance, he added.Reacting to reports about the Indian government''s rejection to hold talks with President General Pervez Musharraf in Kathmandu during the Saarc summit, he made it clear that the president had not requested for any negotiations. He said that General Musharraf was ready to talk if the Indian prime minister so desired, however, there was no formal proposal from Pakistan.Qureshi termed as hypothetical a question about the possibility of use of nuclear weapons if a war broke out between India and Pakistan. He said that Pakistan had made it clear from the very beginning that it did not want any kind of war. ''But if war is imposed on Pakistan, it will defend itself. Pakistan will give a matching response to whatever action is taken against it and will use all its weapons according to its own will,'' he added.In another interview, Qureshi termed as unreasonable the demands being made by India calling for a crack down on groups it accuses of being involved in the attack on the Indian parliament. He made it clear that no terrorist activities were being launched from Pakistani soil against any country. ''If India has evidence then it must share it with us and we will take action,'' he stated.


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