March 2002 News

Western UP a haven for militants

25 March 2002
The Pioneer
Aloke Sharma

Meerut: With the arrest of four Lashkar-e-Taiba militants from Hapur on Saturday, it has once again been proved that western Uttar Pradesh has become a safe hideout for the militants. It is the fifth time in the last three months that militants, their associates or ISI agents have been nabbed by the police from different parts of this region. Not only some parts of Ghaziabad, but Meerut, Baghpat, Muzaffarnagar and Saharanpur are commonly known as safe hideouts of militants and ISI agents. Police of this region although have knowledge about such places but do not bother much about it as militants use this region to take shelter only after committing any crime or to obtain a false driving license, passport or any other desired document. Hapur area of Ghaziabad, few localities of the walled city and small towns like Lawad of Meerut, some areas of Baghpat, Kairana and shimli in Muzafarnagar, Deoband and some parts of Sharanpur are very commonly known as hideouts of militants and main area of operation of the ISI. These areas are also known as supply centres of drugs, arms and ammunition and fake currency. It is very commonly believed that sophisticated weapons including AK-47 could be obtained from some of these areas, if a person has the right connection. ASP Shamli Rambharose told The Pioneer that he had ordered the police of these areas, to keep a strict vigil on the people who visit these localities frequently. He also said that these people are so smart that when the police started keeping track of ISD calls from PCOs, they started using cash cards issued by Telecom Department. A person can make STD or ISD call from a phone with these cards and no record is kept of these cards and calls made by them by the Department. That is why these calls could not be traced by the police. Two persons were arrested because of their links with the people, who were found involved in anti-national activities in Sharanpur, two months back. A very well known associate of the militants and an ISI agent of Kairna area of Muzaffarnagar, Hazi Saand was arrested from Kirana area with some of his local associates. These people allegedly work on the direction of Hazi Saand, who is believed to be involved in such activities with his family membes. Delhi police and secret Government agencies have also raided many areas in search of these suspected links of the militants and picked up many suspects from Baghpat, Muzaffarnagar, Ghaziabad Meerut and Sharanpur in last three months. The police of this region however does not take this matter seriously. The reason of this laxity is very simple. Militants and ISI agents in the area, believe to have sophisticated weapons and money power would always commit crimes silently and efficiently. The police would not like to be in their bad books or may not be aware of their plans until its execution. This area , with its followers of all the criminal cults is a haven for the various militants.


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