April 2002 News

Musharraf harmed Kashmir cause: PPP

11 April 2002
The Asian Age

Islamabad: The Pakistan People’s Party has attacked President General Pervez Musharraf for his comments against their leader Benazir Bhutto. Reacting to the comment by General Musharraf, the Pakistan People’s Party said the policies followed by Musharraf’s government have caused the greatest damage to the Kashmir issue. The policy followed by the military government has done the greatest damage to the cause of Kashmir and tarnished the sacrifices of the Kashmiri people, Pakistan People’s Party information secretary Taj Haider said. He criticised General Pervez Musharraf’s comments that he brought the Kashmir issue to the international focus after Ms Bhutto and Mr Nawaz Sharif tried a sell-off to India. By following a determined and consistent policy of peace with honour, both former Prime Ministers Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and his daughter Benazir brought the Kashmir issue to the attention of the international community and mobilised world opinion in support of the right of self-determination of the Kashmiri people, Mr Haider said in a statement. It was under Benazir Bhutto’s rule that All Party Hurriyat Conference was given international recognition when it was invited to address the Organisation of Islamic Countries summit in Casablanca in 1995, he said. “It is a pity that the subsequent policy of alternating between adventurism and capitulation is pursued by some power hungry Army generals,” the Pakistan People’s Party information secretary said. He said the Army general’s only qualification is to have conquered his own people.


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