April 2002 News

ISI pays Rs 50,000 to ''guide'' an infiltrator

18 April 2002
The Pioneer
Binoo Joshi

Jammu: The Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan is paying more than double the previous amount to felicitate infiltration of armed militants across the border into Jammu and Kashmir. Earlier, a ''guide'' used to get about Rs 20,000, now raised to Rs 50,000, for the job, sources said. The hike has been brought into effect because the infiltration has become much more difficult since December last due to the heavy deployment of troops along the border. The decision for the troops deployment on the frontiers was taken in order to reduce the infiltration of militants from Pakistani side if not totally stop. But instead, almost reverse happened this year when one infiltrator more was killed between January and March as compared to 161 during this period last year. The number of terrorists killed in encounters during this period is 178 compared to 143 of last year. Those on record are the known cases, there might have been many who would have got into the territory unnoticed. ''We never know,'' said a top Army official. The Army sources disclosed that Pakistan is adopting newer methods for pushing in militants into the State. ''The Pakistanis have started US Night Vision Devices (NVDs) to explore gaps in our troops line-up,'' disclosed the official. The fact was substantiated by the recovery of a NVD from a guide shot dead by the troops at Indo-Pakistan border near Jammu. The Intelligence sources said that though ISI has raised the payments to the guides, it is now using only the experts for the job as the situation now is quite tricky. Earlier, the ISI used to use any person from the border areas who offered to guide the infiltrators, but now it assigns the task to the loyalists only. Sources said that same is the case with the narcotics smuggling from across the border in Pakistan. ''The deployed troops have made things difficult for these people (guides and smugglers) but have not been able to totaly stop it, noted a senior Army official. The sources said that the people helping the infiltrators now were the smugglers-turned-guides and are experts in the field. The Army official said that Army was alive to the changing situation and tactics and all the counter-measures were being taken. He, however, refused to divulge the details due to security reasons. Difficult times are ahead for the troops as in al probabilities Pakistan would make all out efforts to trigger highest degree of violence in the days to come as the State goes to polls later this year. It in with this objective in mind that the ISI is exploring all means to push in the infiltrators as the summer sets in and snow melts on the mountain passes.


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