April 2002 News

Osama in Azad Kashmir: Report

19 April 2002
The Dawn
Our Correspondent

LOS ANGELES: Osama bin Laden has gone into hiding in a Pakistani-controlled region in Kashmir, the Anatolian News Agency quoted a Turkish newspaper as saying on Thursday, the Dow Jones newswire reported. According to the Istanbul-based daily Hurriyet, a Turkish intelligence agency has confirmed rumours that the Al Qaeda leader had gone underground in the Himalayan border region where Muslim activists have been fighting Indian troops, it said. Afghanistan''s former Taliban leader, Mulla Omar, was also confirmed to be living in Afghanistan''s Paktia province bordering Pakistan, according to the newspaper. Osama was aiming to provoke a further confrontation between Pakistan and India, should he be arrested in Kashmir, the Hurriyet said. The Turkish intelligence agency has special ties with several groups close to Osama and is said to promptly convey information to the US and Britain, the report said.


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