April 2002 News

Kashmir movement indigenous: Hizbul Mujahideen

26 April 2002

Islamabad: Outrightly denying presence of foreign ighters, the mainstream Kashmiri guerrilla group Hizbul Mujahideen on Friday said only the Kashmiris were waging armed struggle in the Himalayan basin. The central spokesman of the Hizbul Mujahideen Saleem Hashmi told ''IRNA'' here that ''indigenous Kashmiri movement will go on until Indian occupation forces withdraw from Kashmir.'' He brushed aside an impression that certain fighters from outside Kashmir were also waging armed struggle side by side with the Kashmiri mujahideen. ''Hizbul Mujhideen wants to make it clear that the Kashmiris who had migrated to other places during the partition and 1965 war, are welcome to take part in freedom struggle if they so desire,'' he said. Hashmi said that ''Kashmiris, living in any part of the world, could participate in the struggle'' to liberate what he called their homeland from the Indian occupation. Pakistan and India have fought three wars, two of them over Kashmir, during the last 54 years. Presently, both countries have deployed their armed forces on the common border. ''Sustainable peace in the region will remain illusive as long as Kashmir issue remains unresolved,'' Hashmi said. He said that the struggle will continue until India pulls out its forces from the occupied lands. ''No external force would influence indigenous freedom movement,'' he said. Hashmi maintained India had vainly tried to link Kashmir armed campaign and resistance to world terrorism, particularly after the September 11 attacks in the US last year.


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