May 2002 News

ISI felt threatened by Darís influence over cadre

5 May 2002
The Hindustan Times

Jammu: Majid Dar''s expulsion from the pro-Pak Hizb-ul-Mujahideen is more than just a manifestation of differences within the organisation. Majid and his influence over Hizb cadres had become a serious threat to the designs of Pakistan''s ISI. According to intelligence sources, Majid had been planning to split the Hizb and once again announce ceasefire with India. Hizb''s former commander-in-chief (operations), Majid is known to still have a large following among cadres. Had he succeeded, the organization would have been split in the middle, giving a severe blow to ISI''s jehadi politics. Majid had, in July 2000, announced a unilateral ceasefire with India. The immediate provocation for Majid''s expulsion, according to sources, was his resistance to the continuance of ''jehadi'' politics and the influence his policies were casting over others.


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