May 2002 News

Sacked Hizb Man Says Leaders In PoK Out Of Touch

5 May 2002
The Asian Age

Srinagar: Expelled Hizbul Mujahideen commander Zaffar Abdul Fateh challenged the outfit’s PoK-based leadership’s decision to remove him and two other leaders and added that the outfit’s leaders had no feel of the ground realities in Jammu and Kashmir. “Hizb is not anybody’s hand-maiden. It is for the people of Kashmir to decide who remains or who is to be expelled from the organisation... They (outfit’s leaders based in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir) have no feel of the ground realities in Kashmir,” Fateh, former Hizb divisional commander for Srinagar and Badgam, said. “Those who are sitting across (in Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir) cannot claim to be representatives of Kashmir and the organisation as they have no understanding of the ground situation,” he was quoted as saying in local newspapers.


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