May 2002 News

India denies US claim of fall in LoC infiltration

6 May 2002
The Asian Age

New Delhi: India has dismissed statement made by the US that cross-border infiltration from Pakistan has gone down. Stating that the reports received from its agencies are to the contrary, an external affairs ministry spokesperson said here that there is every need to be vigilant. “As far as infiltration across the Line of Control is concerned, we see no cause for satisfaction or complacency,” she said, and adding: “There is every need to be vigilant and in fact reports would suggest that infiltration has in no way come down especially since the snow has started melting.” The MEA spokesperson pointed that the current figures of infiltration from across the LoC “closely match” the figures of the last year. Meanwhile, India has termed as “unfortunate” and “avoidable” the reports of harassment of singer Shubha Mudgal by immigration authorities at Hong Kong airport and those of actors Aamir Khan and Kamal Haasan while entering other countries. Ms Mudgal and her husband were reportedly detained for an hour shortly after she flew in from Mumbai in November to attend an art exhibition. There were also reports that in April Aamir Khan was interrogated and strip searched in Chicago and Kamal Haasan was recently detained in Toronto. “We are seeking details from the missions concerned,” the MEA spokesperson said, adding that, “Any report of harassment is unfortunate.”


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