May 2002 News

Pak Army pushes six explosive laden trucks in Poonch sector

6 May 2002
The Daily Excelsior
Excelsior Correspondent

POONCH: Giving a new dimension to ongoing skirmishes on the Line of Control (LoC), Pakistan army late last night made an unsuccessful attempt to storm Indian army’s forward posts in six vehicles loaded with arms and explosives through Khari Karmara village in Poonch sector. After a fierce fighting of two and a half hours, the troops totally destroyed two Pakistan army vehicles and extensively damaged another while three vehicles were driven back to Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK), Defence sources said. Eight to 10 enemy soldiers were killed in two vehicles that caught fire in retaliatory fire by Indian side, they added. This was for the first time during over 12 years of terrorism, sponsored by Pakistan and five months of intensified skirmishes between Indo-Pak troops on the LoC as well as the International Border, that Pakistan army made an attempt to push arms and explosives laden trucks into Indian territory but their attempt was beaten back by the troops, who were maintaining a high alert on the LoC in view of intensified skirmishes for last one week, the sources pointed out. They said Pakistan army had also hidden a number of terrorists in the vehicles, who were likely to be off-loaded in a nullah near Khari Karmara but timely reaction by the Indian army thwarted the enemy’s game-plan. According to sources, troops deployed in three forward posts in Khari Karmara, about four kilometers from here, noticed movements in Pakistan’s Titrinot and Troti posts in Dharamshal sector at 2030 hours last night. Anticipating an infiltration attempt by the Pakistani terrorists, the troops took positions in their posts. Contrary to their expectations, army personnel observed six trucks of Pakistan army with their lights switched off, entering into Indian territory. As soon as the trucks crossed the LoC, troops opened heavy firing on them. Pak army jawans as well as the terrorists sitting in the vehicles also resorted to firing on Indian posts. Simultaneously, Pakistan army from their Titrinot and Troti posts also started heavy arms firing. Enforcement of army was rushed in the night to forward Indian posts in Khari Karmara to meet the ‘dangerous situation’ created by Pakistan army by pushing army vehicles into this side. After about two and a half hour long fierce fighting, the troops blasted two Pak army vehicles and extensively damaged another. Two vehicles caught fire and were reduced to rubble, the sources said, adding atleast eight to 10 Pakistan army soldiers were roasted alive in the two trucks. Their bodies were charred inside the vehicles. Another Pak truck was damaged while three other vehicles were driven back to PoK by the enemy troops. Arms, ammunition and explosives were burnt in the two army vehicles, blasted by the Indian side. The trucks remained in flames for more than two hours. According to sources, Pakistan army had intentions to capture some of the forward Indian posts in Khari Karmara sector for which they had made ‘elaborate preparations’ by pushing their jawans as well as the terrorists alongwith a huge quantity of arms and explosives. However, their attempt failed, they said. Indian side didn’t suffer any casualties in the exchange of firing. During last eight days, army had eliminated 38 foreign mercenaries—Pakistanis and Afghanis—in Poonch district alone. Of them, 25 terrorists were killed on the LoC alone in unsuccessful infiltration attempts. According to sources, Pakistan army had stepped-up infiltration of the terrorists after melting of snow in some areas of the LoC. Troops have intensified patrolling on the LoC anticipating more such intrusion bids. Besides infiltration attempts, Pakistan army have also intensified mortar shelling in Poonch sector during last one week. A number of civilian locations were targeted by the enemy troops in the mortar shelling. A woman was killed and eight civilians were injured besides over 30 houses were damaged in the shelling on Indian side. Pakistan had also suffered extensive damage besides a number of casualties of their army in retaliatory shelling by the Indian army. Our Jammu correspondent adds: Indo-Pak troops continued to exchange heavy arms firing on the International Border in Jammu sector last night. A civilian Jagdev Singh son of Roshan Singh was injured in Pakistan firing in forward village of Gurha Manasan in Akhnoor sector this morning. He has been admitted in sub district hospital of Akhnoor. Exchange of firing was reported from Samba, Ramgarh, RS Pura, Akhnoor and Kanachak sub sectors.


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