May 2002 News

Jammuites, Border, Kashmiri Migrants Want Govt To Be Firm Against Pak

22 May 2002
The Daily Excelsior
Excelsior Correspondent

Jammu: Pinning high hopes on the ongoing visit of Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee to this militancy ravaged State, the people of Jammu region in general, the border and Kashmiri migrants in particular, have urged the Central Government to be firm in its resolve to teach the enemy a lesson for ever against her misadventurism. They further assured full cooperation and support to the Government in launching the offensive against the terrorists and their harbourers in destroying the training camps across the border. Like the other parts of the state, the people of Jammu region are totally fed up with over 13 year old proxy war unleashed by Pakistan and wanted its end now, said Mr Thoru Ram, a Chhamb refugee. ''People have lost the resistance now and how far this daily dance of death which they have been witnessing from last over a decade will continue'', asked Sehdev Singh, vice president Border Migrants Committee. ''This is time for India to teach Pakistan a lesson for its misadventures'', he said, adding what the enemy is doing is a cowardice act as no brave person will kill infants and women. He said for them there is no difference between proxy war or the full scale war as shelling across the border has continued for last four years rendering thousands of people homeless. Sehdev Singh who is an ex-soldier and had fought both 1965 and 1971 wars against Pakistan asks the Indian Prime Minister to be firm in teaching the enemy a lesson as the nation has suffered a heavy loss in present proxy war than the two wars. Hundreds of families have again migrated from the border areas in the Pallanwala sector since the Kaluchak carnage and heightening of tension on IB and LOC again, he said and added at last we have to find a solution to this as how far the people will face this destruction. Comparing Pakistan with a ''barking dog'' which seldom bites he said, the enemy can not harm us in case a war breaks out as India is much more superior and can give a crushing blow to her. Pakistan can do nothing except issuing threats and hence it is high time that we should act decisively. Koushilya Devi a border resident who has yesterday migrated from Gurha Maira in Pallanwala Sector after heavy shelling from across the border that created a havoc in the entire belt, considers Pakistan the root cause of all troubles. Advocating for peace she said our problem started since Pakistan came into existence on this Universe in 1947. Before the partition we had no such problem and total peace prevailed in the area, she added. The views of Prakasho Devi another migrant form Pallanwala were also identical who wanted the Prime Minister to go for Aar Paar as the enemy has taken a misadvantage of our patience. Prakasho Devi who had resisted the migration along with her children despite the heightening of border tension after the Fidayeen attack on Indian Parliament last December said ''I was reluctant to migrate as I had an emotional attachment with my home and village but this time havoc was created after Pak shells fell in our compound scaring all the surrounding villagers.'' Krishna Devi another resident of Gurha Maira who had to flee from the village along with another remaining 15 families said any decision should be taken once for all. ''How far we will face this uncertainty. Yesterday the shells fell in our compound and we rushed helter skelter for safety,'' she sobbed. Advocating for a decisive war against Pakistan, the state Unit president of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) Dr Ramakant Dubey said how long this mayhem will continue. Daily innocent people and jawans of army are attaining martyrdom in the State and we have to restrain the enemy as she has crossed all the limits. Dr Dubey asked Prime Minister to take a decision as the Kaluchak carnage is the unique episode in the history of army in the world. Our Army is guarding the frontiers and we have to ensure the security of their families. The Government should be now firm so that such episodes may not take place in future, he added. The VHP leader said the Government should be so decisive that it should turn the territory of Pakistan into the battlefield as enemy deserves this treatment and before that she will not mend her ways. He also stressed that Sena be given a free hand in the State in weeding out terrorism and there should be no interference from any where. If the Government continues to take the lenient view there will be more terrorist attacks as Pakistan has adopted a policy of ill will and hatred towards India since it came to existence. Same views were expressed by the president of Kashmiri Pandit Sabha Mr T N Khosa who suggested that Indian Government should take a strong posture at this juncture. The Pandit leader said the Government should not come under any influence from US or any country. He also urged the Prime Minister to visit the migrant camps to see the condition of displaced people languishing there for over last 12 years. He said the condition of both migrants from the Kashmir valley as well as those of border migrants from different places of Jammu region are pitiable. Same were the views of the PoK refugees. According to Mr Balraj Bakshi president R-47, it is time for India to attack the PoK and annex the territory which belongs to India. He assured full support to Government in this battle saying the R-47 will fight along with the Sena jawans in this battle.


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