May 2002 News

India lacks guts to attack Pak: Farooq

26 May 2002
The Times of India

JAMMU: India lacks the ''guts'' to attack militant training camps inside Pakistan, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah charged on Sunday. Continued inaction by India in the face of ''terrorism'' supported by Pakistan sent a message that India is a weak nation, Abdullah added in an address to a seminar on national security at Jammu university. ''We can''t even damn well cross the Line of Control,'' he said, adding in Hindi ''We don''t have the guts to do that.'' The message down the line, he said, ''is that we are a weak nation.'' ''I also want to see when India will take action. How long can our people keep dying?'' he asked, referring to the insurgency which India accuses Pakistan of fomenting in Kashmir. He said Indian MPs would have an idea of what it is like to live with the kind of daily violence experienced in Kashmir if some among them had been killed in the December 13 on the Parliament. ''If those men had managed to enter Parliament and kill some 40 or 100 MPs then they would know what we go through here,'' Abdullah said. ''As it happens, the rebels were killed outside and their explosives-laden car did not even explode.'' The Chief Minister has several times publicly demanded military strikes on what India claims are guerilla training camps in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. He was also critical on Sunday of New Delhi''s call to the global powers to put pressure on Pakistan to give up ''cross-border terrorism.'' ''The United States of America thinks only of its own national interest... No country in the world wants to see a strong India, be it Pakistan or any other country,'' he said, warning the Indian leadership not to trust anybody. Abdullah also came down heavily on China, which he accused of supporting Pakistan''s nuclear and missile programmes. ''Everyone knows where Pakistan''s nuclear weapons and missiles come from,'' he said.


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