May 2002 News

There are no Hindu terrorists: Omar

27 May 2002
The Times of India

NEW DELHI: Hitting back at President Musharraf, Minister of State for External Affairs Omar Abdullah said there was nothing called Hindu terrorism. Referring to Musharraf''s call to the international community to take note of ''atrocities'' committed by Hindu extremists in Gujarat, Kashmir and other places in India, Abdullah said there is no Hindu terrorism. ''I have yet to hear about a Hindu terrorist operating in Kashmir. I live in Kashmir ... so obviously a lot of his speech has had an effect of angering us more than anything else.'' ''I think it is obviously going to make us very angry, the stuff about Hindu terrorists operating in Kashmir,'' Omar said in an interview with a private TV channel. Abdullah said even if India was lying about infiltration from across the border, countries like the US, Russia and Germany had some basis for asking Islamabad to put an immediate stop to sponsoring cross-border terrorism. He said Musharraf had nothing more to say than what he had stated on January 12 and added that it has ''angered me more''.


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